lost months

I haven’t posted anything to this blog in a while because I was away, backpacking around France and Italy. No, I didn’t buy any fabric, but I did take some pix of clothes in a museum in Paris. Umm, I think it was Paris. Nope, it was a small fashion museum in Avignon. I’d love to make these items if I can.

2014-12-10 14.32.29 2014-12-10 14.32.43 2014-12-10 14.33.13 2014-12-10 14.35.28 2014-12-10 14.39.07

I also drew some sketches of things I saw in stores — well I didn’t think it would be all that polite to whip out my phone to take pix of items for sale, you know? Right off the bat there are a set of wrist cuffs and a leather bag that I’m going to try to make. And finally, in Rome, I bought some lovely merino wool and a pair of needles and started knitting a scarf.

2015-02-06 09.50.18

I had a lot of free time to kill in hotel rooms — nobody tells you about that when they talk about their awesome trips. So anyway, I started another blog. If anybody is interested in feminist literary criticism, check it out.


Disclaimer: I read any old book that I found lying in any gutter. Some were pretty terrible, rave reviews on the back covers notwithstanding. Others were great.

Now that I’m back home — how great it is to be back — I intend to keep on posting to both blogs. Stay tuned.


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