bold intimacies

Well, it had to happen eventually, given that my goal is to create a completely hand-made wardrobe. It was time to try underpants. A few months ago I was reading a post by a fellow blogger who talked about the underwear she was making based on a free pattern from SoZo You Think You know. She even dared to model them. They looked like the sort of thing I would like — basic and sturdy, rather than flirty and feminine. My apologies to any readers who like lacey and flimsy confections — you may want to browse elsewhere for now 🙂 So when I stumbled on SoZo a couple of days ago, I decided it was time for me to try downloading a pdf pattern file, and why not start with a small, easy one?

It’s a good thing I did start small, as the pattern came out missing bits, which I drew in by hand, more or less guessing measurements. Turns out the instructions showed, but did not say in words, that one had to set one’s printer to landscape orientation, rather than portrait. Anyway, I made a pair, and then discovered I’d made a total beginner’s mistake — the fabric on the back is inside out. Sheesh. Other than that, they’re not bad.

2015-04-07 13.43.55

Not perfect though — just a little smallish. So then I examined the diagram that came with the instructions and realized the printer problem. After reprinting and cutting I made a second pair. I used left-over fabric from a t-shirt for the first pair, but I used an actual tshirt for the second one. It was a t-shirt I’d been given once, and would never wear, not even to sleep in at night. The colour! Here it is.

2015-04-09 09.58.33

I have to tell you that I was thrilled when I tried these puppies on. They fit perfectly, and without binding anywhere. Can you believe the elastic that I found for the waist? I did make a couple of small changes to the pattern. I added an inch in height, so the pants ride a bit higher. And I angled the side seams so the leg openings would be a bit bigger without adding to the waist opening.

So, are they sexy? I think so, in a boyish kind of way. I was tempted to take a picture of myself wearing them, in, you know, low-light conditions, with maybe a gauzy curtain between me and the camera.

I can’t wait now to find bits of bright and bold cotton fabrics to make more of the sort of thing you just can’t find in stores, at least not where I live. This is gonna be the new older babe intimate apparel collection!

I would also like to add that I would love to see other sewists’ hand-made underwear. Or lingerie. Anybody up for posting  about their patterns and fabrics?

2 thoughts on “bold intimacies”

  1. I have thought about making what we call knickers. But they are less than £3 for a decent pair and the elastic is fairly expensive. But I really like the ones you have made, especially as you have adjusted the pattern to make it a little bit more comfortable. I used a pattern from Vera Venus – what she calls Grannie Pannie pants – they work great on curved rears (I know you have a more sporty shape). Please show us a picture – Vasaline on the lens is just fine!!


    1. It’s true that the price of fancy fold over elastic (the type I used for the waists) makes the pants almost the same price as store-bought. But the selection of all-cotton pants, or knickers, here in Vancouver is so very limited (mind you, the population here is so small that the selection/variety of practically everything is terribly limited). I love the idea of being able to make unique things. I will check out the Vera Venus online. No photos, sorry, not a chance 🙂


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