Fishing for Solutions for Thai fisher pants

IMG_0883This is a pair of Thai fisher pants I bought a few years ago. The fabric was beautiful when I bought them, but I knew a few washings would put a stop to that. I bought them specifically to copy them. In wool. Not exactly what Thai fisher people would want, but hey I live in a colder climate and I don’t fish.

IMG_0973 IMG_0972 I wore this pair a lot; they were a regular part of my work wardrobe for a couple of years. The fabric is a fairly loose weave and because of that, I interlined them in a very lightweight unbleached cotton. The fabric sags at the bottom of one of the legs. I think that’s because of the weave. I’m not happy about that, and I’ve been thinking of recycling the fabric for something else.


IMG_0978This pair is a problem. I love them. But I think I’m demented. I love the way these pants fold across the crotch. And though this is a heavy British woolen, the fabric is really, really soft. But there’s a problem with them, isn’t there?

A couple of weeks ago I read a post in Fabrickated in which Kate discussed her own experiments with Thai fisher pants. At the end of the post she commented that she might try a slimmer version. Duh! I’ve been treating my pattern as though there’s no choice for resizing, despite the fact that the pair I purchased were a unisex size large. Of course I can make them smaller!! They’re too big — that’s the problem, isn’t it?

Okay, that’s going to be a fall project. I really, really want to make these pants more wearable.

IMG_0975 I bought that fabric (wrapped around my shoulders) with a view to making a fitted jacket to wear with the pants. Currently I have nothing to wear with them.

So that’s two problems. And there’s yet a third. I have discovered through trial and error that the fabric of the top part, the rectangle that wraps tightly around the lower torso, has to be a stretchable woven. I discovered that crinkle gauze works well. However, I think the gauze just doesn’t match the beautiful wool in terms of quality. It should probably be something like silk crepe on the bias, or maybe a wool gauze, also on the bias. What do you think?

Is it possible for all these problems to be overcome? Or should I just give it up and try to reuse the fabric?


2 thoughts on “Fishing for Solutions for Thai fisher pants”

  1. Thanks so much for writing this up and continuing with the conversation. I hadn’t even thought of wool but it is a great idea. I think both pairs work pretty well actually. You look amazing in the white T and of course I like the light grey/beige pair the best. But generally I love what you are doing here and support you persevering. It will encourage me too.


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