Brazilian maxi

Okay, so last summer I purchased about two yards of a printed cotton fabric. partly because I found it breathtakingly hideous. You know how people can be attracted to horror, even though they know it will give them nightmares? They don’t want to see fatal car crashes, but nevertheless throng around them? It was like that.

I didn’t know what to do with it other than fold it into a large triangle and wear it as a shawl, which I did a few times because it proved to be quite warm enough for chilly wet-coast rainforest evenings. One afternoon I wore it with an outfit of green leggings and gold tshirt to the dentist. All along the half-hour walk to the dental office people kept saying strange things to me. Things I couldn’t understand. I can’t duplicate them because they might as well have been in a foreign language. Even the dentist’s receptionist said something totally incomprehensible to me.

When I got home a friend explained it to me. World Cup. Men’s soccer. Brazil.

brazilian soccer coverup

You got it — I was wearing the national colours of one of the finalists while the finals, is that what they’re called (?), were on. People thought I was rooting for the Brazilian men. As if.

Anyway, I’ve just finished making a floaty maxi summer dress out of the fabric, and I don’t think it’s hideous anymore. Amazingly, it seems to have found its home on the frame of a simple shift.



This is made from the same self-drafted pattern I’ve been using for t-shirts, tunics and dresses. This time I altered the pattern for bust darts since I was using a woven fabric rather than a knit. I used the neckline for the sleeved version rather than the one for a tank top version because I didn’t want any skinny bits with this fabric. Also I love this neckline because it shows off my collar-bones and the hollow of my throat, which I think may be my best features :P~

This top/tunic/dress is fairly fitted from the bust up, but then gentle flares out.  Because I was working with a limited fabric width, I had to stop the flare and draw a line straight down the bottom third. The effect is of an upside down tulip, or wine goblet.

IMG_0981 I think that prevents heaviness at the bottom. This dress floats in a breeze. I am going to brazenly suggest that this is a particularly sophisticated dress, because of the shape, and because the fabric is a total match for the pattern. It’s a total fluke of course.


8 thoughts on “Brazilian maxi”

  1. This is lovely Felicia. And a funny story about Brazil. I have a blue and green dress on my cutting table that I was thinking of combining with a yellow belt or shoes. So I am sure I will have the same effect on football fans….


  2. I love this dress and the fabric is gorgeous! Totally agree it’s a sophisticated one. I’ve been thinking of using the Laurel pattern (without the sleeves) and turning it to a maxi. I think it would look similar to this.


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