Trying Thai fisher two

Have I mentioned that I’m stubborn? If I’m having problems getting something done right, I can chew that thing like a dog with a bone. I just hate giving up. So, I’ve actually been wearing this wool Thai fisher pant, loving the drape and the fabric and wrapping of it around the lower torso, but also knowing it wasn’t quite right.

After posting about it and another wool version a few weeks ago, I decided to “revise” it yet again. I ripped out the cotton interlining, to release the actual drape of the loosely woven wool. I examined the centre back/crotch seam and saw that it was very much like that in any pair of pants, but with less curve. I decided to add the kind of curve I need, which allowed me to take the seam in two inches, from the top down to the crotch. I also made more curve in the upper inseams, eliminating an inch or so from each at the top few inches.

I then had a brainstorm. I said in my last post on this that the upper rectangle needs to be made of a fabric with a certain amount of stretch, and I found crinkle cotton worked well. It does, but it’s a pretty cheap and unattractive looking fabric. The brainstorm was that I realized this fabric itself has plenty of give, and I had a strip of it left that was plenty big enough.

I’m really pleased with the results of these changes.

IMG_0982 I could post a dozen photos of these with different jackets and vests. Practically everything goes with soft, light grey.



I now think these pants can be made in any kind of drapey wool — probably a wool crepe would be delicious.

I want to say the reason I that wanted to try duplicating Thai fisher pants in the first place. It’s because in my “advanced” age, my waist expands and contracts several times in any given day, and my weight tends to fluctuate as well. These pants allow for such changes because they don’t have a set closure.

I’m not sure yet what I’ll do with the other pair I posted about earlier. But I will be looking for fabric for another pair of these. What do you think? Better?


8 thoughts on “Trying Thai fisher two”

  1. Ha, ha, in creativ things I’m stubborn, too. After it works well, it gets boring …;-)
    The trouser looks good on you, and the color is pretty. But generally I dislike garments without pockets and trousers with loose waistband.It makes me feeling like in a sleepingdress.


  2. Absolutely great Felicia. I love the styling too. The pink cardigan is my favourite, but all the looks are just great. I am glad you persevered. I think I might have another go myself – to create a pair that can be worn for smart occasions. I liked my long shorts the best, so those are the ones I will develop. But wool – yes – I am going there too.


    1. Yes, this style of pant should be good for “smart” (a Britishism, I think 🙂 occasions. I generally hate formal dress pants for women. Very boring, often. Do give it a go and show us the result 🙂


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