transitional jacket

I’d like to have followed up on my success with the pink coat by making another coat, but a lack of sufficient fabric for sleeves prevented me. That’s okay, as a sleeveless jacket will make a good transitional item in this westcoast climate. I did want more practice with coat-making, though, so when I saw some pretty heavy duty fabric at My Social Fabric House, I decided to snap it up, even though there was less than a yard of it.

The pattern is Burda 6989. I was most attracted to the long version, but thought the short version showed potential for some kind of in-home cardigan.


This was a pretty easy project. The fabric, a smooth felted wool, was really easy to work with. I thought originally that it could be left unhemmed and unbound, as specified in the pattern, but slowly decided that wasn’t going to work. I bound the armholes in the fabric of the jacket, and then found some chiffon to bind the collar edges. I stitched the bottom with a coverstitch.



I added fairly large patch pockets for a bit of interest (and convenience), and added a button and buttonhole.



There is one thing I don’t entirely like, and that’s the width of the shoulders. I cut off quite a bit, scaling back from a size 14 to a size 12, and then cutting off the seam allowance too, as the pattern instructed. Still, I find them too wide.


I’ve thought about cutting off another inch or two. Then I’d have to rip off all the binding and make fresh strips. But I wonder if I would like the shawl collar to extend beyond the shoulders. I’m not sure, so I’m just going to take this puppy out for walks this autumn and let it tell me whether to make changes or not.

Good thing I just made a red scarf. The Canadian election was today and red (liberal) won. So I’ll be taking my walks under a fresh government. The new Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, just said things in his winning speech that I’ve never heard a politician say. It’s a new era, I think.

9 thoughts on “transitional jacket”

  1. A great success I think. The shoulders and collar are a bit wide, but I think that is the design, and you can wear this style. Of course with sleeves it wouldn’t look so obvious. I wouldn’t change it – as you say it is a nice layering piece as the weather gets cooler. You have the option of making it again and maybe altering the design a little before you make it up. May in a stronger colour like purple or emerald green? Well done Felicia.


    1. Hey thank you Kate! I agree that with sleeves the wide shoulders wouldn’t be a problem. They’d be drop shoulders. I did like the chocolate brown. Well, I still do πŸ™‚ But if I could find this fabric in fuschia or chartruese, I’d go for that. Chartruese would really make a statement πŸ™‚

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  2. I love those sleevless jackets. They are so handy, slip in feel warm. Yours got pretty! The big collar and the pockets makes it cool. I think you made the best qut of the short pice of fabric. Viele Grüße Tutti


    1. I wish I could read German! Thanks Tutti. When the weather gets cooler, I’m going to try this over a small quilted jacket that I have. Isn’t it fun to do something with a snippet of fabric that nobody wants?

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  3. Love it! The shoulders don’t seem too wide to me. It actually ‘makes’ the jacket! The pockets are a good idea. I like pockets in my clothing. They’re useful and in this case give the jacket more interest.
    Great make!


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