Binging on Basics

I spent the last week or so binge sewing, making up some easy basics after the challenges of making a couple of coats. Still, everything was an experiment, of course!

It started with this:IMG_1047

It’s the Grainline Hemlock Tshirt, which they were giving away as a free download. I don’t like it. I liked a picture on the Grainline site, of Jen wearing a very nice version. Since her bust measurement is much smaller than mine, I added four inches in width to the tshirt by placing the CB and CF an inch away from the fabric fold. It wasn’t enough. I think to make this work I’d have to add another four inches, plus an inch to each side of the sleeve cap. I don’t know if I want to bother.

Then I went back to an old Butterick 5372 tshirt pattern that I used for a couple of tshirts a few years ago. It was a perfectly good pattern, but I found the tshirts boring. But I need layers for winter and tshirts are good for that. This time I bought yards and yards of white cotton lycra, plain and pique. And I decided I wanted to make v-necks, which necessitated going to youtube to watch videos.


I like the tshirt! The neck is perfect, and I made the sleeves too long for a bit of dash. The pants are an older version of my self-drafted “my favourite tight pants” pattern. Good for layering, this shirt, but why stop there?


I think my camera got star-struck by this outfit. How can an automatic camera be out of focus?? I didn’t notice the lovely red eyes until it was too late. Sorry about that.IMG_1054

How do you like it? I just added about 8 inches to the tshirt pattern. I’m calling it a tshirt/ dress/tunic/slip. I love it — so much so, that I rushed back to the store to get some other kind of fabric for sweater dress sweaterdress2

You see it can function as a dress with leggings, or as a tucked-in tshirt. Cool, eh? An all-in-one garment. I made the leggings out of stretch velvet. Seriously, I have found what I want to wear as a daily look. I could see making half a dozen of these in different fabrics and being set for the year.

But I wasn’t done binging yet. I pulled out a fabric remnant of unknown provenance and “my favourite tights pants” pattern for a different kind of basic.


It’s actually a dark chocolate brown fabric with some stretch in in. Maybe a wool and acrylic blend? It’s light as air and feels almost like nothing.

So that’s it, that was my week. How was yours?

4 thoughts on “Binging on Basics”

  1. Binge-sewing XD XD XD I would like to try this, too!
    Your shirts are really cool. The green on the top is my fave. I always worry when it comes to patch jersey, it might get distorted. Greetings from foggy Germany Tutti


    1. I’m glad to get a positive comment on the Hemlock T. It was no problem sewing with two types of jersey. I do love the two colours together. Thanks for checking in from Germany.


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