Orange you glad …

There’s a time for orange, isn’t there? What a bright pop during the grey rainy days.IMG_1077

It’s the pants I’m going to talk about. They’re my second attempt with a Marcie Tilton pant pattern. The first was horrible. I posted a couple of times about a pair I attempted, but I’ve come to believe I should put the pattern on a bonfire. This one is V9035.IMAG0378


I made some adjustments, removing the waist band and adding to the leg length. I never lengthen pant legs — I’d like to lengthen my own 🙂 This pattern was weird. It called for the yoke to be interfaced, but not lined or faced. Who wants to wear raw interfacing on the inside of a garment? The bottoms of the legs have a couple of draping tucks. It’s because of them that I bought the pattern. I wanted a pant that was kind of funky to match the fabric, which is also kind of funky. It’s something called “washed wool”. I think it drapes beautifully and works well with the pattern.

Removing the waist band turned out to give me problems with the fly. I didn’t interface the yoke (although possibly I should have), but I made a facing. I’ve done waist facings when there’s just a simple back zip, but with all the facings of a fly, I had to fly by the seat of my pants, as it were. This is what I did.

I’m happy with how it worked out, and I like the buttonhole tab I made, but I’m not happy with the process. It’s not something I want to repeat. It must be possible to have pants with a fly, but no waistband, yes??




I like many things about these pants. They have no side seam, just a dart. They’re pretty fitted around the hips, but loose on the legs. The ankle treatment allows the legs to drape nicely. But I’m just not sure that I’ll make another pair from the pattern.

I have to confess that after I took these pictures, I took the pants out for a walk. They fell down. That’s all too normal for pants, for me, Ms. Hipless Wonder. When I got home I opened up the yoke facing at the sides and resewed them with a sharper curve (I had lessened the curve of the side yokes, and halved the side darts). They’re snugger now, and I also see that I can move the button a bit too if need be. Cross my fingers, I’ve solved the problem.