cut ‘n paste skirts

You know those rectangles of fabric that stores, particularly upholstery stores, have to show the fabrics you can order? They come in a wad, sometimes with holes punched at the top to secure them together, sometimes framed in cardboard? I like to collect those when I can find them. I always figure there must be something I can do with a 4 x 6″ or 8 x 12″ or 16 x 20″ rectangle.

A while ago, I used such a rectangle, along with a short width of doubleknit fabric to make a little skirt. I just sewed the rectangle to the stretch fabric at both sides, and made a casing on the stretch fabric to hold a cord, to which I attached those sports thingees that clamp down on a cord.


Nice fabric, isn’t it? Over time I’ve been wearing it more and more often because the little slip of a thing is really comfortable.

I wanted to make another one with some green stretch fabric and this sample of upholstery fabric.


That turned into a long learning process. The stretch fabric was too fine and stretchy; the upholstery piece was too heavy and unyielding. I tried this and then that and yet another. I ended up with two fabric panels separated by double layers of the knit fabric at the sides. Ta da!



I sewed a couple of darts in the back panel, and inserted elastic into casing in the side panels.


The front panel, replacing the too stiff piece I really wanted to use, is nylon, interlined with something from the scrap stash to give it the right body and stop it from glueing itself to leggings. I have to say I kind of love khaki/pea/moss greens and tend to grab any scrap of it I find anywhere.

I can’t believe I’m wearing mini-skirts.

Notice the green and pink bracelets? They’re felted. Picked ’em up at a yard sale. Ditto the hat. I got the boots second hand in Saskatchewan, which is, like, iconic cowgirl territory. I figure these boots have felt living horse between them.

Now you’ll have to excuse me, I have  business to attend to. Must be somebody needs some kind of sleuthing done on horseback.



5 thoughts on “cut ‘n paste skirts”

  1. Well Felicia, you have proved conclusively that you can wear a mini skirt. I think it depends on the length of the leg and the thickness of the tights/leggings. Also I think you are very clever to use up these little scraps of fabric even if it has had its challenges. Well done.


    1. The first skirts/dresses I made (having not worn such things for a couple of decades) came just below the knee. I now think that length looks hideous on me 🙂 Yet all my shorts are that length, so go figure ….


  2. I think you look marvelous in your mini. Love your skirts and your use of a sports thingy is inspired. I may have to steal/borrow this idea.

    Have you ever noticed the Piece X Piece patterns published by McCalls (now sadly OOP), here’s a link.
    They were designed to use these little sample pieces of fabric. I bought both the patterns when there were still in print a while back. I am still waiting to find sample pieces of fabric to use them.


    1. I love your gravatar pic 🙂 I never encountered those piece x piece patterns, but thanks for the link. One could do such a thing with scraps too …though I’m not sure I would have the patience …


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