Jumper or Jacket: you decide


When I started sewing, after a long hiatus, about five or six years ago, I thought I’d sign up for an intro sewing course, just to see what might have changed in 30 or so years. <Pause for hysterical laughter>. We were all assigned this pattern, and had to sew the thing with no try-ons or adjustments for fit. Every single person in the class found theirs to be too large. Major disappointment all around. I turned mine into a low-high tunic, and took it in up the centre back, along with a few other adjustments.

When I was trying unsuccessfully to find a pattern for a jumper, I finally decided to do something similar. I had this lovely wool fabric, which I’d bought as a roll-end to make a pair of dress pants for work. I quit work before I ever made the pants.


It’s a lovely wool, it really is. Problem is, I don’t really like checks and plaids. Still, it would be really practical for a jumper, which can be any old sleeveless dress, when you think about it. I whipped up the jumper, and took it out for a turn. Nope, it wasn’t working. I looked like an aging Jack Kerouc groupie or something. All I needed was penny loafers and a black turtleneck.

I was feeling kind of bummed out about it, not really knowing what was wrong. Then I saw a post by West Zen Studio, which featured a large, long plaid shirt she had made with embellishments. I saw that I could take some inspiration from it. So I did.




Those ripples at the back waist weren’t there before! Hmm, I think it’s maybe just how I’m standing?

I had a lot of extra fabric, because I had made it too big, as it turns out. There was no choice at the front but to slash it right down the middle and make a button band. And I like that. It means, I can wear this as a sleeveless jacket too.


Was this successful? Possibly mixed. I think I’ll find it wearable.


15 thoughts on “Jumper or Jacket: you decide”

  1. What a strange class to make everyone make the same garment and not even fit it!! Although your new pinafore/jumper dress is plaid it just looks like a deep purpley brown which is very nice, especially with the white blouse. I like it open very much.


  2. Love how you’ve re-styled this! As for those tucks in the back, I’d try a few different stances first (but then I’m a lazy sewer!). You may find the tucks greatly reduced or disappeared!


    1. Hey, is that you, Avis? What’s changed is “seam allowances included”. You now cut on the line instead of outside. And zigzag stitching to stop seam fraying (for those who don’t have a serger) instead of anything way more labour-intensive. Mmm, and “stitch in the ditch” to secure facings instead of hand tacking.


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