Fisher in a basket

Ever since I reduced the width of my grey fisher pants I’ve been on the lookout for fabric for another pair. I finally didn’t find any! But I made a pair anyway, with a length of fabric I had purchased with another purpose in mind. I’d been waiting to find a drapey fabric, and this linen-and-something in a sort of basketweave is not particularly. It produced a different look.



I whipped these up in a couple of days and wore them, with my tablecloth top, to a business meeting. Bought a new pair of “dress” sneakers for the occasion.

I like these pants a lot. But I fear I may be aiming for a karate master look ….


My camera doesn’t seem to be giving me very good exposures. I’m afraid it may be pooping out on me, which could be a problem. It’s the only one I have that can screw onto a tripod. I’m sorry these pix are a bit dark. They’re the best of the batch, from multiple locations.

I have almost finished another pair of pants, which I’ll post about in a few days, and then — I’ve finally bought a serger (with a mild infusion of cash as a result of a birthday) — so I’ll be whipping up a bunch of tshirts. I’m desperately short of summer tops. But I’ve made some really good scores of knit fabrics recently at various discounters, so I’ll have plenty to practice on with the new babylock. Wish me luck πŸ™‚


14 thoughts on “Fisher in a basket”

    1. Heya Ruth, hope you had a nice birthday too. I fear I’m going to start out fairly simply with those tees. But I look forward to eventually piecing together different fabrics for cooler, crazy looks.


    1. No, not one of those you need to take a mortgage out to purchase πŸ™‚ I got the entry level one that you have to thread yourself. I had the saleswoman demonstrate before I made the decision. It’s going to be easy.


    1. Thanks! I like sneakers and am encouraged by their appearances on runways in the company of dresses and fancypants. I figure if I can’t walk a mile in my shoes, I shouldn’t be wearing them πŸ™‚

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  1. Totally agree about the walking a mile bit with shoes! Have been looking for some sneakers around here. This looks a grand, comfortable outfit for summer – congratulations! Know you’ll enjoy your Babylock, as I’ve enjoyed mine over the years (bought used probably in the 80’s).

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  2. I like these pants best with a fitted top, and I love the new posh sneakers.

    I will be watching your T shirt experiments with great interest as I hope to make a few in the next few months.


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