Tomato Pegs

I feel so trendy. I downloaded the pdf of one of those trendy indie patterns, and bought trendy cotton fabric from a very trendy little store with trendy high prices (but for which I had a gift card).

The pants are Named Alexandria Pegs. I saw them on another blogger’s site. She had made them out of olive green twill, and they looked great. Then I went to Pattern Review and to Named’s website to see other versions. I can’t say I was impressed. This, I suppose, is how Indie pattern makers get clients — through bloggers who try them out in some version or fabric that speaks to someone, somewhere. Olive green happens to be my favourite colour for pants (I have about six pairs in that colour). That may have contributed to my falling in love with them. Also the blogger, whose name I can’t recall, was very tall. With long legs. She looked terrific, and actually looks terrific in anything she makes.

I have to say I don’t think I made a mistake in a sudden fit of infatuation (I bought the pant pattern within 30 minutes of seeing the pants on the other blogger). I didn’t have fabric to suit them, but had a two-year-old giftcard that I wanted to use up. I liked the look of the fabric, and liked it in all their colours. But I could have wished it was a little more heavy duty. This is a lightweight fabric, without much body. They are perfect for warm weather, but if I want these pants in the colder weather, I’ll have to make another pair.

Here they are, my tomato-red peggies.




You can see that the interesting thing about them is that they have a pair of pleats, one of which extends over the edge of the pocket.

I traced the size 8, but became alarmed when I read that the included seam allowance was only 3/8″. My hip measurement is closer to the size 10. So I cut the fabric 1/4″ bigger than my pattern pieces, and ended up using the 3/8″ seam allowance. In other words I made the size 10. The pants actually fit pretty much perfectly in the front, and all the extra ease for the elastic waist is in the back. I like that. Also, I think these pants are made for women whose widest hip point is at the upper thigh. I couldn’t see it in the pattern, but the pants almost seem to pivot at the upper thigh. I do love it when I encounter a pattern made for my body.

I added about an inch to the bottoms, and I’m glad I did because I needed the extra length for my long leg (it’s half an inch longer than the other, which is important when hemming pants).

Given that Named says its models are 5’8″ tall, I’m guessing the pants are supposed to stop above the ankles. I prefer to have them at the ankles and roll them up if I want the shorter look.

Has anybody else made an impulse pattern purchase purely because of seeing the clothing on another blogger? Clothes sure can look better on a real human being than on the pattern envelope can’t they?



11 thoughts on “Tomato Pegs”

  1. Ha, ha, ha! Do you also keep vouchers for special moments?
    Amazing how cool these pants look on you. I alway think extra pleats makes me looking like a teddybear ๐Ÿ™‚
    Liebe GrรผรŸe Tutti


    1. Vouchers for special moments?? They sound great — do you have any to spare? Yes, I worried too about pleats making me look dumpy. I think these pants work because they’re made for my kind of body. If you have round hips right below the waist, they may not work, even on a really skinny person. The teddybear look is not a bad look … ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. These look great. I enjoy your blogs, I’m a Canadian who’s lived in the UK for many years. I love sewing, Named patterns are popular here, I made the Keilo dress recently and I’m starting the Named kimono today for my daughter after spending ages looking for the right fabric. (I love Ditto Fabrics in Brighton).


    1. Thanks for visiting my blog and introducing yourself Cathy. The Keilo dress is pretty spectacular. I see that they also produce the Inari Tee dress, which several bloggers have written about. I might try another of their pant patterns, since the Alexandria is so obviously designed for people with my shape.


  3. I really like these trousers, especially in the shorter version (rolled up). I also like the colour scheme you have got going – it is interesting and flattering. Definately a great look. Make the khaki pair too! Have you tried a T shirt with a V neck? I think it would work well.


    1. Thanks Kate. I’m glad to get positive feedback on these because they’re a little different/unusual/new to me. I’ll be looking for fabric for a winter pair. Yes, I like V necks and hope to make some more of them. I feel like I need a dozen tshirts, at least, what with wearing them year-round and layering them. It’s going to take time to produce that many!

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