Celery stalks and cerulean tops

I was about to start in on cooler weather items last week, feeling quite proud of my summer output, when we had a sudden heat spell. Well! A perfect opportunity to go back to the Alexandria pegs for a pair of shorts. I’d been berating myself (sort of) for not having made the pants out of this celery green linen in the first place.


I’m not being entirely truthful. I do like my red Alexandria pegs and they’ve already gotten a lot of wear. This is a comfortable pattern. I had to discipline myself with whips and chains, though, to cut these legs down to shorts length. I had enough fabric to make pants! Why use less fabric than you have?? Well, having made four pairs of light weight summer pants in the past few months (see them here, here, here and here), I was short shorts.

The Alexandria offers a shorts version, which has some kind of weird curved bottom edge. I didn’t use it. Instead I simply widened the pants leg at the inseam, in accordance with the shorts version. I gave myself enough fabric for just below the knee shorts. It’s odd that I’ve discovered that the best skirt length for me is about 3 inches above the knee, but I haven’t won shorts that short in decade. I like my shorts long.


I also decided to eliminate another couple of knit pieces from my stash, pieces I’ve been collecting from various discounters since I purchased the pattern magic books. I came that close to trying a couple of those items. But not yet. The avant-garde is calling me, loudly, but I need to tiptoe my way to it. So I tried a new t-shirt pattern, McCall’s 7093. I wanted a raglan-sleeve pattern, and this was the nicest one I found. It’s meant for wovens, but i didn’t see why it couldn’t be used for knits. The front is composed of three pieces, so there are opportunities for colour-blocking, and also for mix and matching woven and knit.


For this version I added a ruffle (yes, me, a ruffle!), which I secured to the neckline with picot elastic. I also widened the sleeves a little and inserted elastic into a casing.

These two tops were really more experiments in working with mysterious knits. I think they’re both bamboo, both with 4-way stretch. The first is a feather-weight. It’s a joy to put on in the heat. The long-sleeved one is h-e-a-v-y. When I tried it on for the first time, I swear it hit the floor and bounced back up. I’m pretty sure it’s bamboo yarn wrapped around guttapercha. I doubt I will ever wear it with these shorts (though I love the two colours together) because it’s very warm.

So that’s it for this week’s production. I’m off to sing in a 240-voice choir tonight, a concert of Mozart’s Requiem. That should be a blast.


12 thoughts on “Celery stalks and cerulean tops”

  1. I love these colours together. Just not 100% sure about the ruffle. I think you look better with a plain neckline, it doesn’t distract from your face. But great combinations.


  2. That looks very nice and comfy. Love the colors. We have had a series of “cold fronts” here all summer and I feel like I’ve been impatiently waiting for “real summer” to get here and now it’s almost over.

    And Mozart’s Requiem – Wow! To be able to sing in something like that!


    1. Our summer has abruptly come to an end here on the west coast. Gotta pull out the rainboots and woolies already. Yes, I find it totally thrilling to be among 200 people all singing together. The Requiem is awesome, of course.


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