Tanks and a boohoo Burda

Have I ever confessed here that I’m an airhead? I have problems dealing with reality. In sewing terms that means I love imagining and creating mental images of the clothes, and have a harder time doing the actual sewing with the actual fabric. And also, I can be suckered easily by a great envelope photo, disregarding the line drawing. The photo is fantasy, the line drawing is reality. I know all of you are nodding your heads at that.

So, after I downloaded a Burda yoga coverup, a kind of capelet, based on a gorgeous photo, I should have paid attention to the slightly queasy feeling I got every time I looked at the line drawing. Right? You don’t ignore the queasiness and hope it goes away. Sheesh.

Thankfully I didn’t go for the velvet right away.


I found a large chunk of cotton knit fabric at Our Social Fabric just before I cut into the velvet whose due date was expiring in my stash. It’s a thick doubleknit, very stretchy across the grain, with almost none vertically. The problem? I don’t like neck gathers. I really don’t like neck gathers. I’m not sure they showed a front photo on the Burda website. They showed a sideview, like this.


It looks nice from the side, doesn’t it?

I like the hood. I’ll wear this for a while at home in the morning chill. Then I expect I’ll cut it apart and use the fabric for a teeshirt. Maybe a teeshirt with a hood?

On the plus side, I decided to cut apart an old tank top and use it as a pattern for some ordinary cotton doubleknit that I had and wanted to experiment with. I made a tshirt before from a simpleΒ  cotton doubleknit, but it skimmed the body and just didn’t look right. I wanted to make something with negative ease, suspecting that’s what the fabric is really for.

I ended up making three, all identical, except for this one, which has contrasting neck and arm bands because I ran out of the charcoal.


I love tanks. I had several, but they’ve all gotten too old, too worn and too short. This experiment worked! I’d model all three, but hey, they’re identical πŸ™‚ They’ll get a lot of use as undershirts for winter and then see the light of day in summer.

When I picked up the stripped fabric for the capelet, I also got a couple of metres of “mango” coloured technical wool. I was going to use it for a long-sleeved undershirt, but now I’m wondering if I shouldn’t just go for another couple of tanks. What do you think?


17 thoughts on “Tanks and a boohoo Burda”

  1. Ah, know exactly what you mean. Exactly. That side view would have gotten me, too. Maybe slit down the front and see how it lies (lays?), then add some buttons or whatever closure strikes your fancy?
    I vote for more tanks, too. And that velvet… Got enough to make a luxurious shirt in one of your tried ‘n true shirt patterns?
    You’ve got cool temps there now? Am so-o-o envious!


  2. I keep my tanks or ‘vests’ as we say here out all year round – for summer on their own, in winter to be worn under shirts etc.
    Caplet looks great but a definitely at home look in my opinion: you should be proud to show off your toned body not cover it up.


  3. I agree that the side view is better than the front. And like others I think you should reveal your shapely legs and upper body more – perhaps using translucent fabrics for the cover up? So thumbs up for the Tanks.


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