Panting in floral and flannel

I’m not in love with, I wouldn’t go that far, but totally delighted with Burda 7400. I’ve made two versions of it before, although the first was a bit of a botch up.  You can see them here. This past week I made two more pairs.


This fabric was a spontaneous purchase at a 70% sale at Fabricland. I was just heading out the door, empty-handed, when I spotted this in the home decor section. I think it’s a stylized floral design, and the fabric is double? two-sided? In the background it’s all woven together, but in the “bubbles” there are two light layers. It gives the effect of padded or quilted fabric, but it’s very light and flexible (viscose and polyester). It’s a different look, isn’t it?

Here’s a look at the inside. You can see I used some linen fabric for the pockets and inner elastic casing to eliminate bulk.


I was ransacking my closet, looking for things to wear with it, and found this old jacket.


Double-breasted is coming back, but the shoulders? Does the padding have to be removed?

I also had a piece of striped wool flannel, which I got from Fabrics etc. It’s old fabric, apparently, left over from a parent store’s warehouse. The manager, Tian, who is becoming a friend, was selling it at a severe discount.


I’m discovering that elastic waist pants are really quick and easy to make. This pattern is just short of fitted, despite the waist. If I were to put  two standard darts in the back, I’d have to add a fly or zip and I’d have a pair of fitted pants. I think this will become a TNT.

This is a really classic look, isn’t it? I think these pants will be really versatile. In fact I can imagine wearing both pairs at home with t-shirts, and then taking them out to the opera or dinner out. Yes?


23 thoughts on “Panting in floral and flannel”

    1. hi Tutti, thanks for your comments. I too love the striped dark fabric. I think maybe these shoulder pads in the jacket are okay. They’re not too big. And even shoulder pads are making a comeback! Let’s hope we don’t return to the huge ones of the 80’s.

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  1. Lovely trousers! The autumnal leafy ones are fab, who says you can’t use decorating fabric for clothes? The other ones as well, remnants are great. Love both looks. Regarding the shoulderpads – I’d leave them in. Unless you feel like adjusting the jacket. It will not look good without. As it is it’s proper vintage.
    (And I need to grab that pattern)


    1. I think decorating fabric can be fabulous for clothes, particularly since clothing fabric seems to be getting flimsier and flimsier. If you get the pattern, will you show us what you make? I’d love to see what other people do with it.

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  2. Agree with thenaughtybun–there’d be a fair amount of reconstruction to do sans shoulder pads. Plus, from looking a fashion magazines I’d say they’re actually having a small comeback in jackets so you’re on trend 😉


    1. I know, I’ve seen some shoulder pads in magazines! I’m not entirely sure how I feel about that 🙂 But I like this jacket more now than I did, say, ten years ago (I’ve had the jacket for about 20 years :p).


  3. Like that second pair of trousers, and your styling, but agree about those shoulder pads. They’re not footballer size, so leave ’em. (I’m too conservative to wear that first pair on the street, but would love them for cold winters inside!)


    1. Gosh, del, I didn’t think of the floral pair as radical. They remind me of the padded clothes Chinese people in Beijing wore in the late 70’s. A very comfy look. A matching shawl would be great for cold rainy nights. Now I need to rummage through my shawl and scarf cupboard … what do I have in there?

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      1. Know what you mean about rummaging amongst scarves, etc. I’ve lots, and last winter I discovered it helped me to drape them over the shoulder of matching tops/etc., on each hanger, so I remembered to use them.
        Yes, I know what you mean about the Chinese padded/quilted winter garments & they do look comfy! I think Folkwear has a pattern…


  4. You always look so confident and comfortable in your clothes Felicia – it’s lovely to witness. I’m just finishing a pair of the dreaded elasticated waistband trousers but hoping for style and elegance rather than comfort and relaxed.
    Your styling is impressive.


    1. I’m just hamming it up Ruth. I’m thankful for my photographer, robocam, who never betrays the slightest reaction to my poses, allowing me to be pretty unself-conscious :)Can’t wait to see your trousers — I’m finishing up another pair from a pattern you used a little while ago.


  5. I love both pairs! Nice fabrics, and they look super comfortable (comfortable is a very good thing). On the fence about the shoulder pads. I used to wear them to “balance” my hips….sadly, it just made my shoulders look as wide as my hips (not a very good thing) 😉 That long coat is fabulous!


    1. Thanks Jen! I just tried the jacket with another pair of pants, and it was no go. Maybe the shoulder pads are inconspicuous because the padded pants take up all the visual space ? Weirder things have happened 🙂

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