Pink hack

In my last blog post, I said I was working slowly on a severe pattern hack. I’m done! It’s Vogue 9193, a Marcy Tilton, top. I made it fairly recently and you can see it here, in case you missed it. It caused me some grief because the batwing sleeve, as drafted, didn’t suit me and I had to make an alteration. I’m pretty happy with the top, but thought it might be interesting to make it longer and use normal sleeves.

That’s what I did. I added 3 inches to the top front and back pieces, which both lowered the waist-with-pocket seam, and made the whole thing longer. I used the sleeveless version of the top and went rummaging through my patterns looking for a sleeve that might work (I don’t know how to draft a sleeve to fit an arm scye). As it turned out, I found an exact match for the arm scye in a jacket pattern. So I simply used the sleeve piece that went with that jacket. It worked perfectly (although I did pinch in the top of the sleeve because I was making this in a knit fabric rather than woven and so didn’t want all the ease). In fact, to be totally honest, I made a toile sleeve and machine basted it in to check the fit before I cut out the sleeves in the “real” fabric.

I had been looking at a turtleneck t-shirt pattern before I did this project, and decided to also make this version a turtleneck. The pattern I was looking at had a turtleneck attachedย  to the front and back, rather than a separate piece for the neck. Following that pattern, I drew two lines from the neck/shoulder points to create a tube long enough to fold over once.


The fabric is a piece I picked up at Our Social Fabric for a few bucks. I thought it was wool, but turned out not to be. I expect it’s acrylic. It’s very lightweight and floaty, and has a nice design in the knit (well, I think it’s nice). It reminds me of some kind of old-fashioned knit fabric.


It has a really cosy look to it, which means I’ll think it’s warm and cosy and wear it a lot. I love the colour. In fact, expect to see a lot of pink in the coming posts, as Our Social Fabric had a lot of it the last couple of months and I snapped up a bunch.

Now on to a skirt I’m sort of copying from a mag picture. Not quite close enough for Designin’ December, I think, but maybe…


16 thoughts on “Pink hack”

    1. Thanks! I don’t really celebrate xmas — I’m not sure how to without family. I did bring extra chocolate and a roll of McVities digestives into the house, and had a lovely meal at an Indian restaurant with a friend. So I’d say that was fine. How about you?

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      1. Didn’t have time to do much baking, but did bring in a few extra goodies, as you did. It’s been warm here, which doesn’t help. Should be almost 70 F today. You have snow?


      2. Glad you’re above freezing. We’ve dipped down below several times too, which is a pain ’cause we have to let faucets drip to be sure pipes don’t freeze.
        Come on down when you’ve had enough snow & ice!


      3. Let me know hotel & recreation preferences off-line & I’ll make some recommendations. Not much fabric down here, and must warn the temps are all over the place — currently 40-50 & apt to change overnight. ๐Ÿ˜‰


      4. Happy New Year to you too. May it be a calmer one. You’re too kind. I won’t be doing any travelling in the next few months because of a singing committment. I havent been to the Carolinas since I was about 20. It was gorgeous then. Have you been there long?

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      5. Just a year in NC. What time of year did you visit & where? This past summer was h**l: 3+ months of at least 95โ„‰ with equal humidity. Like living in body temp treacle. Ick.
        All seems quite normal up in your land… or we’re not getting any news because others are hogging the headlines. (Hurrumph.)


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