Keeping it Simple

I made a second version of Vogue 9193 trousers, using two small pieces of wool gaberdine that came together in one bundle. There was just enough fabric. I love the colour and drape.


Look at that blue sky!

I like this pattern — it’s a bit funky and a bit sophisticated, I think. I wore these all day today and realized I have to tighten up the elastic in the waist. I had to keep hitching them up. The t-shirt is another of my TNT Butterick pattern that I’ve now made up about 8 times, I think.

It has occurred to me that when I’m choosing what to wear on any given day, the priority is colour. Often I choose grey and white in the mornings because those colours seem really calm. I think this combination of cream and green is also very calm.

I wonder how many people choose clothing for its colour? Is colour more important than the design (the pattern) and the fabric? Actually in this case, the fabrics for both top and bottom are pretty high quality, which is making me feel unusually upscale!


14 thoughts on “Keeping it Simple”

  1. Nice trousers! And interesting side seam – wrapped around to the back, so you had a very wide front piece and a narrow back? I choose outfits based on colour! And warmth. Or rather, warmth and colour. 😁


    1. Well yes, in cold climates dressing for warmth is numero uno. Yes, one wide piece and one narrow. And then a rectangle for the yoke. It’s almost sort of looking like maybe spring is not that far away here …

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  2. I like them! Relaxed wearable look, but a bit unusual. Colour thoughts – funny you should ask that. I spent my witching hour sleeplessness pondering colour palettes for clothing. I think grey is one of those depends on the fabric colours; a gruesome poly looks bad in it, but a fabric with an interesting texture or drape brings it out.


    1. Thank you jay, and nice to see you! I also find you need the exact shade of grey that works for you. A little off and it can be horrible. One can do worse things during insomnia 🙂


  3. Very flattering around the bum (hope you don’t mind me saying). I love pairing neutrals with a bright….like grey with fuschia – I think it’s because I don’t feel so “dressy” – the neutral makes it more sporty.


    1. No I don’t mind! 😉 Grey with fuschia sounds nice. I have favourite pairings. I love green and blue together for example. I don’t like feeling too “dressy” either.


  4. Nice job aon the trousers and the fit is great.
    Color is definately my first concern when choosing outfits, outdoor temperature and comfort will have the final vote, but color is almost first.


  5. Great color–it works as a neutral but is more lively than traditional neutrals–and the fit in the back crotch is spot on. Nice job.


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