Earth and Sun

or maybe spotted bananas ….

I decided to make the ultra wide-legged trousers I wanted by simply using a drawstring pant pattern that I’ve used before and adding five inches to the sides, both front and back. The final waist measurement is 56 inches. I put in inseam pockets, and made a waist band rather than simply double-folding the fabric to make a casing. I took a 56 inch wide strip of fabric, folded it in half with wrong sides together and pinned it to the outside of the pants. I inserted 1 1/2 inch wide elastic and then inserted some mountaineering cord in front of the elastic for a drawstring. I’ve done that before and like it. The elastic starts the job, and I can pull the cord as tight as I want on any given day.


It was a bit windy out there today. I bought the fabric especially for them, on sale at Fabricland. It’s a cotton/linen blend. I also made the top from an old TNT pattern and a small piece of wool that I picked up at a thrift shop. It might be a wool gauze. It’s very nice anyway.


It turns out another small linen top I made last summer also works with these pants. Yea!


That’s it. I’m glad to have some yellow in my wardrobe. I’ve gone some yellow jersey that might go with these pants. If so, I’ll whip up a simple t-shirt.

Why did I leave that plastic bag (filled with clothes pegs) hanging off the clothesline???

12 thoughts on “Earth and Sun”

  1. They’re gorgeous! You make me rethink my wide pants pattern. Could make them a bit wider still….The tops are brilliant too. Love you style.


  2. You’re leading the pack in trouser width! (I’ve been toying with the ideal width question) . These look really good with the mauve linen top, how lucky to get such a good pairing.


    1. Thank you Jay. Me, a leader? Ha! Have you come up with the ideal width? I grew up in the seventies you know, and remember owning a pair of incredibly wide jeans. They dragged in the mud and snow of course.


  3. Love these! And such a happy colour. I haven’t had yellow trousers in ages, maybe I should remedy that? If I have some yellow in my stash, that is.
    I can see two reasons for leaving the bag with clothespins hanging there. 1) as an accessory to the photo shoot. They match your trousers. 2) to remind yourself to sew a clothespin apron. I have one I love, and can’t imagine being without. With shoulderstraps, mind you. No tying here. One size fits all. 😆


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