Welting and Knitting 2


Need I say more?

No, but I’d like to say a little about the bag, which I made from three different upholstery samples (you know those squares or rectangles that often come in a pad of several colours). I was totally constrained by the size of my samples. The bag is a good size though — it fits an 8 x 12 book or sheaf of paper. The single welt pocket will hold wallet and phone. It’s unlined because, well, it’s upholstery fabric. I copied the handle design from a leather or pleather bag I saw in a store last week. It is a long length of fabric folded wrong sides together and serged. At the shoulder point it is folded again and sewn. I think this will help the straps stay on the shoulder. I have an identical square of fabric in blue and plan on using it to make another.

The knitting is the body of the EZ yoke sweater. I removed the needles and replaced them with screw-on caps. I’m now using the needles to knit the first sleeve, using the “magic loop” method. That’s a really bizarre way of using circular needles, but it works! (there’s good info online about this method)


7 thoughts on “Welting and Knitting 2”

  1. Great bag & ideas – thank you!
    Let us know how that shoulder strap design works, please!
    I have non-straight shoulders & am always looking for a way to keep straps “farther up the incline.”


  2. I am really interested in everyone’s Elizabeth Zimmerman progress. Intrigued by having needles that screw off and can be reused. I end up saving my knitting on “waste wool”, or large safety pins, or smaller circulars that I am not using at the moment – that seems to be the best way. The fabric looks really nice and even – a nice neutral colour that will show deeper or brighter colours well (are you doing colour work?).


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