Lagenlook at last

It was only a couple of weeks ago that I discovered the patterns produced by Tina Givens, available at They took my breath away. I immediately purchased two pdf patterns, then a few days later downloaded a couple of freebies, then after the announcement of a half price sale, bought four more. That’s right. I now have eight patterns from one pattern company, all purchased within days of each other. I had to lie down and rest after that burst of spontaneity.

This is the first of them, something called “smock-it”. I liked the vertical lines of the loose princess seams and thought they would help me look long instead of squat. I also thought I could use those lines to determine fit. It can be so hard when making loose, over size clothing to know the “right” size. I first cut the size large, basted the pieces together and decided I was a medium after all. I took it apart and recut the pieces.

The fabric was from my stash, a couple of pieces that I had bought because I liked the colours. Other than colour, neither was something I was really fond of. Well, I loved the batik piece, but I knew I’m not a batik clothing kind of a person. But they were both thrifted pieces, and I figured I could always make toiles out of them. Pardon me for patting myself on the back but I do think combining the two was a brilliant idea.


This is a completely new look for me. I think it might take some time for me to be comfortable enough in it to wear it at home. Or maybe it’s just not quite the season for this yet.

Here are shots of a couple of details of the pattern.

I used some of the batik for the front pocket bag, and the other photo is of three pleats that occur on each side of the side back panels.

I’ve got a couple of other items in progress right now, but then I’ll tackle some more of these 8 patterns. I’ve got lots of great silks and linens in the stash that I want to use up.


They should make smashing robe-like tunics/shirts, don’t you think?

21 thoughts on “Lagenlook at last”

    1. Thanks Jay, I always appreciate your comments. The centre panels came as a crumpled display cloth in a going out of business bead store. You just never know what you’ll find where 🙂


    1. Thank you Catherine. I like the sleeves too, though I added the border to give them a little extra length. I’m intrigued by the curved side shaping and will be exploring more of how that works.

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  1. Refreshing to see different patterns offered online, and well done for finding the right size in a loose garment! …and the perfect colour matching legging/glasses/batik detail.


    1. I always like it when bloggers mention and provide a link to pattern companies I don’t know. Unfortunately there’s no online “index” to all the companies. I didn’t think the leggings would match and was totally surprised to find they did.

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  2. There is a TG Facebook group – lots of interesting ‘makes’ of TG patterns. You’ve done a great job on this – I like it!


  3. Oh, dear, Dear Felicia. You deserve kudos making such a well-coordinated outfit, but must admit a strong bias against gray & that shade of pink. Do forgive me, please, as I love seeing how you’re exploring and sincerely envy your ability to stick with something until you’ve got something you like. Are these cotton weight? I’d love to see something from this maker in viscose, silk, or something very drapey & fluid.


    1. You don’t like grey? I love grey, but there is none in this tunic. It’s denim blue. Yes, they’re cotton weight. This tunic seems a little bulkier and heavier than it would be in silk, viscose or lightweight linen. I’ll be using lighter, floatier fabrics for the next projects. Thanks for commenting!

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    1. Will do Ruth 🙂 Yes, the fabrics I used for this first one are a bit “toilish”. I look forward to using up my stash of linens and silks on these babies.


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