A few clothes

I have gotten lazy about blogging. I’ve also gotten lazier in my sewing, but not as lazy as in my blogging, so I’ve made a few items which I’ll post about all together now.


This is my old TNT tunic pattern made with small piece of patterned linen from my stash. I didn’t have quite enough fabric for the sides, so pieced together something on one side from scraps.


I used commercial seam binding for the armholes and neck. I did the neck first, and didn’t think to undersew the binding, so it doesn’t lie as flat as I would like. I made sure to undersew for the armholes. I made the trousers last summer using a basic straight-leg elastic waist pattern, but extending it width-wise to 58 inches as the waist. I’ve since altered it slightly by narrowing the legs gradually from the knee down. It stops the legs from “spreading out” and I prefer it.


This is V9174, a Marcy Tilton pattern that I paid meticulous attention to. I had a lovely stiff cotton fabric with textured “pointelist” surface. I think it was the perfect fabric for the shirt. I expected to put on white buttons but fell in love with these metal ones. I made a grey button holes to match.


Here it is with Tessuti Tamiko trousers in medium-weight linen that I bought white and dyed. I really love this pattern. It has a single pocket bag sewn to the front  with top stitching, and a lower leg panel that tapers in at both outer and inner leg. I used a turquoise thread for the top stitching.



Well, the colour isn’t showing up well, but hopefully you get the idea.

And here’s a pic of the shirt button for Del. You can also see the texture of the fabric.


I also made these lovely drop crotch/harem pants which I showed on IG. They’re made from a couple of old, old curtain panels. I made a pattern, using a pant pattern, modifying it on the inner leg, and making a triangular pattern piece for the centre front and back. I also made a waist yoke. The pant is held up by a couple of large hooks and eyes on the yoke. There was no need for a zip below that. Now that I know I don’t need a zip, I could open up the side seams to insert pockets. Maybe one day ….


I am currently making a second pair of Tamiko trousers out of lightweight striped pink wool, interlined with silk crepe de chine. I think they’re going to be lovely, although I forgot to plan for stripe matching on the lower panels.


Thought I would include this as I don’t know when I’ll blog again. I’m currently not “feeling” the picture-taking effort… and so many bloggers that I follow have stopped…


15 thoughts on “A few clothes”

  1. WONDERFUL to see you back, and with great kit to show off! (Blithely but rather guiltily written by she who hasn’t had energy to do much herself lately, but today has a monster post almost prepped to print.)
    Before I make a wrong colour comment, what colours are the first trousers? On my monitor they appear to be yellow leaves on medium brown background, and look super. The shirt is a real winner – what’s the pattern? (Clever you for piecing what you didn’t quite have! Would never have guessed, either, which should spur me on not to worry so about trying the same.) Am not so keen on the harem pants, but then I find such a low crotch too fiddly to wear myself. They look great as you’ve styled them. And I L.O.V.E. the white shirt! Please, can you do a close-up of one button? Am not getting any detail.
    Will send you the message I almost emailed earlier last week, okay?
    xx Hang in there, GOB ! (Gawjus Older Babe)


    1. heya Del, yup, the top trousers are yellow and brown. The top pattern is See and Sew, B5203. I’ve used it a lot. Glad you L.O.V.E. the white shirt 🙂 I think it’s the best button up shirt I’ve made so far. Will try to get a shot of the button. I really like the drop-crotch ones. I wear my other two pair constantly because they’re so comfortable. The fabric on this pair is so old it’s sort of buttery soft. I’m just not sure how long it will hold up. Sure send me the email.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks for that pattern # (I thought it was a Marcy T but couldn’t quite place it – no wonder!) Fingers crossed for a button photo, too! Wish I could wear trousers in summer down here, but not even linen or viscose seem cool enough. What’s your typical summer like over & up there? We’ve had a fortnight of triple digits & no end in sight.
        Belated Happy Canada Day, BTW. Do you have fireworks displays, picnics & parades as we do on our Fourth of July?


      2. I’ve added a close-up pic of the shirt fabric with button. Up here we’re always cooled by the Pacific Ocean. We had a cold and rainy June, but a warm and dry May. The next two months are usually the best. We don’t have the equivalent of your day of nationalist celebration. Canada Day has the task of replacing the old Victoria Day (in May), which was a celebration of our participation in the British Commonwealth.

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      3. Thank you! That is a lovely button – those little paisley-shaped blobs are delightful. Understand your wanting to use them instead of white.


      4. Sorry, was entranced with those buttons & forgot to mention your other answers. Thank you! (Now excuse me as I turn green with envy at your wearing sleeves without breaking into a sweat.)


    1. We don’t get a lot of really hot weather here on the Pacific coast. I think the harems will be too hot because there’s a lot of fabric. But they’re good for 11 months of the year 🙂

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  2. Glad you’re back! I like all of these, but see why you’re a fan of the shirt pattern. It’s got that easy to wear look, but with nice details and shaping. Metal buttons perfect too.


  3. Great makes! and please, please, please keep blogging. I love your aesthetic and your GOB (thanks, CurlsandSkirls) attitude.


  4. I hear you Felicia about blogging. I’m trying to make a comeback myself.
    Love your makes as always. Great idea about making the buttonholes the same colour as the buttons – neat.

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