Jumper or Jacket: you decide


When I started sewing, after a long hiatus, about five or six years ago, I thought I’d sign up for an intro sewing course, just to see what might have changed in 30 or so years. <Pause for hysterical laughter>. We were all assigned this pattern, and had to sew the thing with no try-ons or adjustments for fit. Every single person in the class found theirs to be too large. Major disappointment all around. I turned mine into a low-high tunic, and took it in up the centre back, along with a few other adjustments.

When I was trying unsuccessfully to find a pattern for a jumper, I finally decided to do something similar. I had this lovely wool fabric, which I’d bought as a roll-end to make a pair of dress pants for work. I quit work before I ever made the pants.


It’s a lovely wool, it really is. Problem is, I don’t really like checks and plaids. Still, it would be really practical for a jumper, which can be any old sleeveless dress, when you think about it. I whipped up the jumper, and took it out for a turn. Nope, it wasn’t working. I looked like an aging Jack Kerouc groupie or something. All I needed was penny loafers and a black turtleneck.

I was feeling kind of bummed out about it, not really knowing what was wrong. Then I saw a post by West Zen Studio, which featured a large, long plaid shirt she had made with embellishments. I saw that I could take some inspiration from it. So I did.




Those ripples at the back waist weren’t there before! Hmm, I think it’s maybe just how I’m standing?

I had a lot of extra fabric, because I had made it too big, as it turns out. There was no choice at the front but to slash it right down the middle and make a button band. And I like that. It means, I can wear this as a sleeveless jacket too.


Was this successful? Possibly mixed. I think I’ll find it wearable.