Tunics and Leggings Opus iii

So far, I’ve used only two patterns for t-shirts and tunics. The first is well-fitted across the shoulders and bust, and then flares out at the sides. I’ve made short and long and longer versions with varying degrees of flare. The second is a basic t-shirt pattern that skims the body. I’ve made it short and tunic length. Then I wanted something different. Something oversize. Something cuddly and warm. I couldn’t find any patterns, and wasn’t wild about just making a t-shirt a couple of sizes too large.

Then I realized I could make a drop-shoulder version, using the drop shoulder and associated sleeve from a dress that I’ve made a couple of times. So I made a pattern from those items and added a half inch to the width below the arm holes. Then I drew a cocoon shape down the body, and planned to bring the bottom back in using a band.

Here’s the first result.IMG_1121


The pants are a simple pull-up that I’ve made out of woven fabrics a few times. This is a something plus spandex knit. I used my twin jersey needle for the first time to hem the bottoms. Comfy outfit.

Then I repeated the process for a second, longer tunit. I tried a stand up collar. Does it have a name? It’s too wide for a turtleneck and too narrow for a cowl. I added a kangeroo pocket because the top told me to! And strung a length of cord through the bottom band, which I use to draw the bottom in. The fabric is a textured microfleece, as far as I can make out. I got it at a bar-bell shop closeout. Don’t ask.


The leggings are from a TNT legging pattern, which I made larger because this fabric is a thicker quilted-look fabric. Cool print, eh?

You’ll have noticed the absence of glasses on my nose. I’m trying out new contacts,which I’ve had to get because I’m singing chorus in a local semi-pro production of the opera “La Boheme”. Fun! Opening night was yesterday, which is why it took me until today to write this post. I’ve been learning and memorizing music like crazy for the last month.